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  • Coffee, Tea and Wellness

    05/01/17 10:00 AM - 05/01/17 12:00 PM

    De-Stress Fest!

    Coffee, Tea and Wellness


    2nd floor Student Center Bridge Lobby 

    Location: 2nd floor Student Center Bridge Lobby
  • Breathing, Meditation & Yoga Session

    05/01/17 02:30 PM - 05/01/17 04:00 PM

    De-Stress Fest!

    Breathing, Meditation & Yoga Session 


    Student Center Multipurpose Room

    Location: Student Center Multipurpose Room
  • Student Center Arcade Takeover

    05/01/17 07:00 PM - 05/01/17 10:00 PM

    De-Stress Fest!

    Student Center Arcade Takeover


    Student Center Arcade and Main Street

    Location: Student Center Arcade and Main Street
  • Lot 5 Flower Planting Project

    05/02/17 12:30 PM - 05/02/17 02:00 PM

    De-Stress Fest! 

    Lot 5 Flower Planting Project


    Lot 5 Bus Stop 

    Location: Lot 5 Bus Stop
  • MS in Exercise and Sport Studies information session

    05/02/17 05:00 PM - 05/02/17 07:00 PM


    The Kinesiology Department will be holding an information session about our M.S. in Exercise & Sport Studies in Wightman Gym on our Main Campus.

    The M.S. in Exercise & Sport Studies is suited for prospective students who want to attain a higher professional qualification that distinguishes them as a supervisor in schools, fitness centers, cardiac rehabilitation or a sport business.  

    Additionally, current undergraduate physical education majors are going to be organizing some large-team games that will demonstrate their organizational skills.

    Click Here to Register!  

    Location: Wightman Gym
  • Bridge to the Soul
    Celebrating Music, Poetry, and Dance of the Middle East and India

    05/02/17 08:00 PM - 05/02/17 08:00 PM

    WP Spring Choral Concert features the WP Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Women’s Chorus, Men’s Chorus, and special guests.

    Admission:  FREE

    Location: Shea Center for Performing Arts
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