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Yalan Xing

Professor • Department of Chemistry

Dr. Yalan Xing joined the Chemistry Department of William Paterson University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2014 after completing her postdoctoral training in Professor Yoshito Kishi’s group at Harvard University. Before that, she obtained her Ph.D. at West Virginia University in Organic chemistry under the guidance of Professor George O’Doherty. Her graduate and postdoctoral research focused on studies on complex bioactive natural products from three aspects: total synthesis, structure elucidation, and disease diagnosis.

Professional Interests

At William Paterson University, Dr. Xing works with a group of student researchers on the advancement of novel synthetic methodologies for efficient carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds formation. They are especially interested in the development of atom economic, green, and sustainable approaches for C-H activations to provide unique access to bioactive small molecule agents and ultimately address the increasing needs in biomedical research.  She plans to use these methods to prepare natural products, pharmaceutical agents and their analogs, and conduct the medicinal chemistry SAR study. Dr. Xing’s research lab engages undergraduate students and provide them valuable hands-on research experience on modern organic synthesis, green catalysis, and medicinal chemistry.


PhD Organic Chemistry, West Virginia University Morgantown, WV


Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product Synthesis

Representative Publications

Benzylic Hydroperoxidation via Visible-light Induced Csp3-H activation; Volume 85, 2020

Copper (II) catalyzed homocoupling and heterocoupling of terminal alkynes; Tetrahedron Letters; Volume 60, 2019

Highly Efficient Recyclable Sol Gel Polymer Catalyzed One Pot Difunctionalization of Alkynes; Volume 23, 2018

Rare-Earth Y(OTf)3 Catalyzed Coupling Reaction of Ethers with; Organic Letters; 2019

AuIII-Catalyzed Formation of α-Halomethyl Ketones from Terminal Alkynes; European Journal of Organic Chemistry; 2016

Awards and Honors

ACS Petroleum Research Fund Undergraduate New Investigator Award
American Chemical Society

Notable Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry I CHEM 2570
Organic Chemistry II CHEM 2580
Advanced Organic Chemistry CHEM 4210
Medicinal Chemistry CHEM 4440
Organic Materials Chemistry CHEM 6002
Applications of Materials CHEM 6009
Bio-materials and Polymers CHEM 6008

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