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Carey D Waldburger

Professor • Department of Biology

I have had a long term research interest in molecular mechanism of biological processes. From my doctoral studies on how the sigma factor of bacterial RNA polymerase confers specificity for promoter recognition to my post doctoral studies on how proteins fold into their active 3-D conformation to my studies as a Primary Investigator on proteins that transduce information about the extracellular environment to the interior cellular machinery. Since coming to William Paterson in 2001, I have become more focused on instructional teaching in the classroom but have continued my research on bacterial signal transduction and initiated research on marine bacteria that live in communities with the red-tide-causing dinoflagellate Karenia brevis as tools to give students hands-on research experiences in molecular, biochemical, and genetic techniques. I have involved a number of graduate and undergraduate honors and non-honors students in my research and invite interested students to come talk to me about research opportunities. I am also the director of the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Professional Program for students holding a Bachelor's degree who are interested in a career change or career enhancement with the goal of pursuing a career in a medical or related field. Those interested are encouraged to learn more about this program at https://www.wpunj.edu/cosh/departments/biology/postbacc/.

Professional Interests

Molecular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Protein and Nucleic Acid Biochemistry

Other Interests

Outdoors - Hiking and Camping


PhD Molecular Biology, University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA


Marine Microbial Communities and Bacterial Signal Transduction

Representative Publications

Crystal structure of a functional dimer of the PhoQ sensor domain; 2008

Determination of the physiological dimer interface of the PhoQ sensor domain. ; 2008

Structure of the entire cytoplasmic portion of a sensor histidine-kinase protein; 2005

His-Asp Signal Transduction via a Monomeric Histidine Phosphotransfer Protein; 2003

Fellowships, Grants and Research

Biomedical Science Education Postdoctoral Training Program

Biomedical Science Education Postdoctoral Training Program

Biomedical Science Education Postdoctoral Training Program

Factors Influencing PhoQ Phosphorylation in E. coli

Notable Courses Taught

General Biology BIO1630
General Genetics BIO2060
Molecular Biology BIO4240/5240
Structural Biology BIO3990
Recombinant DNA Technology BIO4300/5300
Protein Biochemistry BIO7010

4051 Hennings Science East

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