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Darlene V Russell

Professor • Educational Leadership and Professional Studies

Dr. Darlene Russell is a Professor and Fulbright Scholar in the College of Education at William Paterson University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate English methods, literacy and educational leadership courses. Her teaching philosophy rests on three critical pillars: love, hope and social justice.

Dr. Russell is the founder of the Nurturing Culturally Responsive Equity Teachers (NCRET) Project, which focuses on implementing a culturally responsive and anti-racist curriculum in secondary classrooms. Dr. Russell and NCRET scholars have presented at national conferences in over fifteen states. She is also the founder of My Sisters’ Nest, a mentoring group for female college students from underrepresented groups. Her research agenda orbits around critical race theory, culturally responsive pedagogy and Black feminist epistemologies.



English Education, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Leadership, Black Female Professoriate Epistemologies

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Mosaic voices: Examining the literacy experiences of African American and Latino/a students in college remedial reading courses
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