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Jan Mohlman

Professor • Department of Psychology

Dr. Mohlman conducts research that seeks to explain how emotion and cognition interact, and how processes of aging (e.g., hearing loss, progressive brain disease, deficits in cognitive skills) impact the presentation and treatment of anxiety in later life. These lines of inquiry place particular importance on the executive system (e.g., complex cognitive skills such as reasoning, dividing attention, and metacognition) and the prefrontal cortex (PFC) because these skills and neural areas decline in later life, and are known to be involved in the management and regulation of emotional, anxiety in particular. Dr. Mohlman’s work also extends to treatment outcome research, and applies methodology from affective and cognitive neuroscience to inform studies of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Dr. Mohlman has published over 50 journal articles, published a book called From Symptom to Synapse: A Neurocognitive Perspective on Clinical Psychology available from Routledge Publishers, and has won several teaching and mentoring awards.


Clinical Psychology, Ph.D., University of Oregon Eugene, OR


Clinical Psychology

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Clinical Psychologist, state of New York, NYBLE State

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