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Kate Makarec

Professor • Department of Psychology

I am interested in a wide range of topics within the area of Psychology. Beginning with my interests in brain and behavior relationships and the temporal lobe hypothesis of belief systems, and moving forward into the areas of learning and memory, broadly defined.

Professional Interests

Learning, memory, and emotion. 


PhD General Experimental, York University Toronto, Canada


General Experimental, Emotion and Memory

Representative Publications

The Inner World of Unaware Phenomena; Maryland: Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.; 2023

Neurotoxic and metabolic injuries; Acquired Brain Injury; Springer; 2017

The relationship between physical activity and depressive symptoms in healthy older women; , Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine; 2016

PowerPoint Lectures to Accompany Nolan & Heinzen’s Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.; to accompany Nolan and Heinze's textbook; Worth; 2007

Incidental encoding of mildy affective words: An event-related fMRI study; , NeuroImage; Volume 11, 2000

Awards and Honors

AHSS Faculty Service Award
College of AHSS

WPUNJ Faculty Recognition Award for Exemplary Service

WPUNJ Everyday Hero

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