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Amy E Learmonth

Professor • Department of Psychology

Dr. Learmonth earned a Ph.D. from Temple university in developmental psychology. She has studied children from eight weeks old to twelve years looking at how children think and how their abilities change over time. Most of her current research focuses on preschool age children examining memory, spatial ability and imitation in both typically developing and ASD populations.

Professional Interests

My professional interests follow a fascination with how differently small children see and think about the world.  All of my research reflects this interest.  



Cognitive development, imitation, spatial ability, autism

Representative Publications

A dissociation between recognition and reactivation: The renewal effect at 3 months of age; , Developmental psychobiology; Volume 58, 2016

Comparison of Imitation from Screens between Typically Developing Preschoolers and Preschoolers with ASD ; , Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology; 2019

Deconstructing the reactivation of imitation in young infants; , Developmental psychobiology; Volume 57, 2015

Speed and accuracy of reorientation from a bird’s eye view: Does the type of spatial information matter?; Learning and Motivation; Volume 52, 2015

Nurse Managers Leading the Way: Reenvisioning Stress to Maintain Healthy Work Environments; Volume 41, 2021


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Notable Courses Taught

General Psychology, Lifespan Development, Applied Statistics, Research Methods, Cognitive Science Thesis and Cognitive Science Seminar Courses

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