Faculty and Staff

Parminder Kaur

Professor • Department of Chemistry

My current research is focused on the synthesis of biologically active molecules of pharmaceutical importance and their chemical biology aspects. The proposed research is at the interface of synthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology, pharmaceutical sciences and drug discovery. By interfacing different aspects of asymmetric catalysis, SAR based drug design, molecular modeling and chemical biology, the development of solution strategies are intended against various challenges in the fields of drug discovery, complex reaction systems and protein chemistry. My research group will also focus on the synthesis of highly porous metal-organic frameworks and their use as catalysts.



PhD Organic Chemistry, Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX


Organic chemistry, Asymmetric catalysis, C-C bond formation

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Notable Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry-I (CHEM 2570) Organic Chemistry-II (CHEM 2580) Biochemistry-I (CHEM 4270) Medicinal Chemistry (CHEM 4440) Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM 4220)