Faculty and Staff

Erh-Wen Hu

Professor • Department of Computer Science

Professor of Computer Science, WPUNJ

Professional Interests

1. Teach computer science and information technology courses.
2. Develop and update CS and CIT curricula
3. Improve effectiveness of teaching to student with diverse background
4. Research in processor architectures and performance evaluation

Other Interests

Reading: history, biographies, new development in computer science and information technologies, etc.

Languages (other than English)




Computer Science

Notable Courses Taught

Developed many of the CS major courses since the launching of the CS major program at WPUNJ. Taught nearly all computer major courses over the years. Developed and taught a new CS3990 Compute and Network Security course in 2011. Since then, the course has been taught and revised multiple times has now become a formal CS upper level elective course. More recently, I developed and taught a new CIT core course CS2350 Fundamentals of Computer Hardware to CIT majors in F2016 when the new CIT program was official launched.

5029 Science East

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