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Michael S Gordon

Professor • Department of Psychology

Dr. Michael Gordon has authored dozens of publications relating to auditory and audiovisual perceptual functions. Current projects focus on how the experience of time is affected by music; how auditory perception relates to the acoustic properties of a person's skull; and affective speech and communication. He is also chronicling the modern history of Psychology and has conducted extensive biographical interviews with more than 70 influential scholars who have shaped our discipline. In addition, Dr. Gordon supports the administration of the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences as the Dean's Fellow, is an award-winning instructor, and has provided expert consulting to legal and community issues involving audibility, sensory environments, and acoustics.

Professional Interests

Perception, hearing, vision, audiovisual integration, music, speech, affective speech; motion, collisions, audibility, attention, aging, hearing in real spaces

Other Interests

Music; History of Psychology; Foley and Virtual acoustics, Motorcycling, Soccer, Television/film media; Helmet acoustics; Experience of Time; Movie/Game Music



PhD Psychology, University of California, Riverside Riverside, CA

BA Psychology, University of California, Davis , CA


Perception, Cognitive Science

Representative Publications

Continuous sliding frequency shifts produce an illusory tempo drift ; JASA Express Letters; 2021

Individual differences in the acoustic properties of human skulls; , Journal of the Acoustical Society of America; Volume 146, 2019

Change deafness across voices in music and language; Journal of Cognitive Psychology; Volume 29, 2017

Absolute tempo perception of popular music.; , Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain; Volume 26, 2016

Notable Courses Taught

Psycholinguistics (Psychology of Language), Psychology of Music, Sensation & Perception, Learning, Cognition, History of Psychology; General Psychology, Experimental Psychology; Cognitive Science

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