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Sandra Lee Foley

Professor • Department of Nursing

Dr. Foley is an undergraduate/graduate nursing educator and recent Doctor of Nursing Practice graduate from William Paterson University. Dr. Foley earned both a Master of Nursing in Science with a concentration in Education and Bachelor of Nursing in Science degree at the College of St. Elizabeth. She had previously earned an Associate Degree in nursing. She most recently transitioned into the position of nursing educator in the undergraduate program of William Paterson University bringing 33 years of specialized experience in the acute clinical care setting.

Dr. Foley is the New Jersey State Nurses Association Region 1Past President and the Vice President for the Institute of Nursing and a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. As President of Region 1, she instituted an Education Scholarship, the Region’s first Research Day, and held many Nurse Educational events. Under Sandy’s leadership, the Florence Nightingale Notecard was designed with the sale of the cards continuing almost 2 years later. This year the Notecards commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Florence Nightingales' birth date of May 12th, 1820.

Professional Interests

Dedicated Education Unit
Laughter Yoga

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Laughter Yoga
Began taking Rowing Lessons



Critical Care

Notable Courses Taught

Upper Division II med/surg clinical
Upper Division IV med/surg clinical Dedicated Education Unit
Health Concepts Seminar NUR 3310

331 University Hall

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