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Colleen Eren

Professor • Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Colleen Eren her PhD in Sociology from the CUNY Graduate Center. She is an Associate Professor and the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program Director at William Paterson. In the Spring 2020 semester,she is teaching the Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice, and Criminology.

Dr. Eren's research focuses on white-collar crime, crime and media, and social movements on criminal justice issues. Her book, Bernie Madoff and the Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism, examined the way in which the high-profile Ponzi scheme became a vehicle through which the public could discuss the broader economic problems which led to the Financial Crisis of 2008. She has been featured in several documentaries about the Madoff case and has been published in the New York Times on the subject.

She currently is in contract to write two books. The first, Reform-Nation, with Stanford University Press, looks at criminal justice reform over the past 15 years as a social movement with unique and sometimes unlikely stakeholders. The second book, The Impact of Supreme Court Cases on U.S. Institutions, with co-author Dr. Robert Costello, to be published with Routledge, provides a socio-legal introduction for students in the social sciences.

Dr. Eren typically teaches Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice, and Criminology.


PhD Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center New York,


white collar crime, crime and media, social movements

Representative Publications

Bernie Madoff and the Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism; Stanford, CA; Stanford University PRess; 2017

Cops, Firefighters, and Scapegoats: Anti-Money Laundering Professionals in an age of regulatory bulimia; , Journal of White Collar and Corporate Crime ; 2020

It's personal: Victimization, motivation, and career aspirations of criminal justice majors at diverse urban colleges; , Journal of Criminal Justice Education ; 2019

The Right Death Penalty Movement? Framing Abolitionism for the 21st Century ; , New Politics ; Volume 15, 2015

Estranged Labor, Habitus, and Phenomenology in the Rise of Extreme Endurance Sports ; , Journal of Sport and Social Issues ; Volume 41, 2017


Bernard Madoff : L'escroc en col blanc

50 minute documentary about the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Colleen Eren appears as an expert in the field of white collar crime and the Ponzi scheme.

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