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Nicole Davi

Professor • Department of Environmental Science

Nicole Davi is a professor and Chairperson in the Department of Environmental Science at William Paterson University and an Adjunct Senior Research Scientist at the Tree-Ring Laboratory at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Davi’s research focuses on developing and interpreting high-resolution paleoclimatic records in order to further our understanding of climate change over the past 2000 years. She has authored/co-authored numerous peer-review articles on paleoclimate and has received several awards from National Science Foundation and other funding agencies for her research.

Davi also has several projects that focus on improving science literacy for undergraduate and K-12 students, and also for public audiences. Davi often collaborates with artists to explore new and compelling ways to communicate the excitement of scientific explorations with diverse audiences.

Professional Interests

Dendrochronology, tree-ring science, paleoclimate, science education, science communication


PhD dendrochronology, paleoclimatology, Rutgers New Bruswick, NJ


Dendrochronology, tree-ring science, paleoclimate, science education, science communication

Notable Courses Taught

ENV1150 General Geology (Lecture & Laboratory)
ENV1100 Intro to Sustainability (Lecture & Laboratory)
ENV3010 Field Experience
ENV 3500 Energy and Sustainable Technology
ENV3600 Ecosystem Services and Sustainability
ENV 3800 Junior Practicum
ENV 3890 Env. Factors in Land-Use
ENV 4700 Hydrology of the Environment
ENV 4800 Senior Practicum
ENV 4990 Independent Research
ENV 3990 Water & Justice (Fall 2023)


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