Faculty and Staff

Theodore F Cook

Professor • Department of History

Japanese  French  German  Chinese 


PhD HISTORY, Japanese, Princeton University Princeton, NJ


Japanese History & Society, Oral History, War & Society in Comparative Framework

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Notable Courses Taught

ASN 2010/ ANTH 2030 Exploring Asia: Introduction to Asian Studies ASN/HIST 2580 Asian American Experience ASN/HIST 2700 East Asian Civilization ASN/HIST/JPAN 2720 Making Japanese Popular Culture ASN/JPAN/ANTH 2090 Disaster! Learning from Japan HIST 2790 Engaging Disaster: Community Preparedness & Recovery from Catastrophe HIST/PHIL 2990 Philosophy of History HIST/ASN 3600 Traditional Japan HIST/ASN 3610 Modern Japan HIST/ASN 3640 Japanese History through Cinema HIST 3650 The Pacific War HIST 3660 The U.S. and the Pacific HIST/ASN/WGS 3680 Women and War HIST/ENG 3690 Imagining War: War, Culture, Representation HIST 3990 Special Topics: National Intelligence and National Security HIST 4170 War and Society HIST 4600 Seminar in East Asian History HIST 4610 Colloquium: Samurai Japan HIST 4610 Colloquium: The Second World War: A Comparative History HIST 4610 Colloquium: The Asia-Pacific War HIST 4610 Colloquium: On War-- Theory, Strategy, and Practice HIST/ASN 4800 Senior Seminar: Counterfactual History: What If? and Why Not? HIST/ASN 4800 Senior Seminar: History of the Future: Roots and Consequences of Utopia/Dystopia HIST 5370 Seminar on the 20th Century HIST 5380 Seminar: Empires HIST 5390 Seminar: War and Revolution HIST 5950 Oral History: Theory, Practice, and Memory HIST 5990: Special Topics: War, Memory, and Culture HIST 6610 Seminar: Japanese History and Culture HIST 6830 Military History

229 Atrium

Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-10:30, 2:30-3:30; Wednesday 12:30-2:30; & by appointment