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Peter Chen

Professor • Department of Mathematical Sciences

I received a BS and MS in Mathematics from top universities in China in 1983 and 1985 and received a Ph. D. in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics in 1994 from University of Connecticut. Since then, I joined William Paterson University as assistant professor and being promoted to Full professor in 2004. In WPU, I have taken part in services in various capacities, including the department chair from 2016-2022 and I served as statistical consultant for many years helped with over 100 research projects. I have presented my research work as a keynote speaker in Mathematical Association of America (1997), and delivered one hour seminar talks in many universities including Columbia University (1996). served as a referee for more than ten professional journals including the prestigious "Annals of Statistics".

Professional Interests

Teaching, research in statistics and its applications

Languages (other than English)



PhD Probality and Statistics in Dept of Mathematics, the University of Connecticut Storrs, CT

BS Pure Mathematics, Fudan University Shanghai, China

MS Applied Math, Shanghai Jiao Tong University shanghai, China


Probability and Statistics

Representative Publications

An equivalent condition of continuous metric selection; , Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; Volume 136, 1988

Continuous Selection for set-valued mapping and fixed point theorems; , ACTA mathematica Sinica; Volume 31, 1988

Another approach to asymptotics and bootstrap of randomly trimmed means; , Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics; Volume 56, 2004

Robustness of the half-space median; , Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference; Volume 46, 1995

On the behavior of Tukey's depth and median under symmetric stable distributions; , Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference; Volume 122, Issue 1-2 2004

Notable Courses Taught

all probability and statistics offered in WPUNJ

3052 Hennings Science East

11:30am-12:30pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, also zoom meeting y appointment