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Jyoti Champanerkar

Professor • Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Champanerkar has been teaching at William Paterson University since 2008. Her doctoral research, advised by Late Dr. Blackmore, NJIT was on bifurcations in dynamica systems.

Dr. Champanerkar recieved the National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship award (as co-PI, Grant #1540694, 2015-2021) to support prospective STEM teachers and fulfil the nationwide shortage of quality STEM teachers in high-needs school districts. Dr. Champanerkar received the National Science Foundation's S-STEM award (as PI, Grant# 2028011, 2020-2025) to support and mentor low-income, academically talented mathematics or computer science or information technology majors at WPU. This S-STEM project will contribute to the national need for well-educated scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and technicians by supporting the enrollment and graduation of high-achieving students with demonstrated financial need.

Dr. Champanerkar has taught a wide variety of classes at WPU ranging from freshmen seminar to Complex Analysus; and developed new curricula for some, such as Computer Assisted Mathematical Modeling; Partial Differential Equations; and Mathematics Internship Experience. She has advised over 35 capstone projects for math majors, seven independent studies, and five undergraduate research projects.

Dr. Champanerkar has served on many committees at the department, college and university levels, including search committees, assessment committees, curriculum committees and advisement committees.

Dr. Champanerkar is enthusiastic about, and committed to, generating support for students through scholarships, academic tutoring, mentoring, advisement and networking opportunities.


PhD Applied Mathematics, New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, NJ


Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems

Fellowships, Grants and Research

Mathematics and Computer Science (MaCS) Scholarships

National Science Foundation - Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Phase II (STEM4ED)

Notable Courses Taught

Discrete Structures, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Number Theory, Computer Assisted Mathematical Modeling, Pioneer Success Seminar

3030 Hennings Science East

By appointment