Faculty and Staff

Bahar Ashnai

Professor • Management, Marketing and Professional Sales

Professional Interests

Sales, Global Sales and Marketing, Research Methods, Marketing Research, Quantitative Methods, Digital and Social Sales and Marketing

Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales and Marketing, Digital and Social Sales and Marketing, International/Global Issues in Sales and Marketing, Social Media, Salesforce Diversity, and Quantitative Methods


PhD Sales, University of Manchester , United Kingdom

Representative Publications

Dyadic operationalization in business relationships: The empirical example of marketing-purchasing collaboration; , Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing; Volume 26, 2019

Stock Market and Network Influence on Alliance Formation: Evidence from the Biopharmaceutical Industry; Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice; Volume 25, 2017

Inter-Personal and Inter-Organizational Trust in Business Relationships: An Attitude-Behavior-Outcome Model; Industrial Marketing Management; Volume 52, 2016

Sales Role-Plays and Mock Interviews: An Investigation of Student Performance in Sales Competitions.; Journal of Marketing Education; 2015

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Business Complaint Management Expectations; Industrial Marketing Management; Volume 23, 2015

Representative Presentations

Do Racio-ethnicity and Gender Biases and Stereotypes Act as A Hindrance to Diversity in Salesforce?
Summer American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference
Boston, 2018

Impact of Recruiter and Candidate Racioethnicity on Salesforce Diversity
National Conference in Sales Management (NCSM) Conference
San Diego, 2018

A Typology of Contractual Dimensions in Business-to-Business Relationships
Summer American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference
Chicago, 2015

Drivers of Inter-organizational Trust in Buyer-Seller Relationships: A fsQCA Analysis
Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference

Understanding Conditions of Sales Force Frustration
Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Conference
Indianapolis, 2014

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