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Computer Programming: JAVA (Resident) 7/15-7/19/19

This course will focus on the development of fundamental concepts of algorithm design and programming in Java.

Topics include program construction, compiling\interpreting-running-debugging cycle, sequential programming (starting with "Hello World"), variables, data types, expressions, input/output, user-defined functions, assignment statements, conditionals (if - else), iteration (while and for), and arrays. Basic computer graphics will be incorporated as well (to the degree that time permits) as well as basic applet design.

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the major components of a digital computer system with their functions.

2. Be able to write a program, compile it, and interpret/run it (using Notepad++, Netbeans, Eclipse...).

3. Write simple sequential programs using input, output, and assignment statements.

4. Describe the concept of a variable, evaluate arithmetic expressions, and construct them in several application areas including daily-life, scientific, mathematical, and business-oriented. 5. Provide an algorithmic solution to a problem that requires sequential execution, simple repetitive execution, or simple conditional execution.

6. Write programs to solve problems needing nested selections and repetitive execution.

7. Trace the execution of a program and debug it.

8. Write and call functions that have parameters and return a value (or not).

9. Write programs that manipulate one-dimensional and  two-dimensional arrays, and also explain the concept of a pointer variable.

10. Write programs which generate basic graphics.

11. Write basic applets for web page development.  

Prior knowledge of a programming language is recommended, but not necessary.

Instructor : Dr. John Najarian, Chair of WP Computer Science
Dates : 07/15/19 to 07/19/19
Days : Mon,Tues,Weds,Thu,Fri
From : 9:00am - 4:00pm
Fee : $1084.00
Course Number : HS410R

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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