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Criminal Justice Pathway - Law Enforcement Prep and Crime Scene Management

In the Spring Semester, Passaic Valley will be providing the following pathways for students to earn career certifications through coursework completed at the high school level. Non-credit bearing, these courses are designed to enhance a student’s resume and offer an opportunity for students to gain entry directly into the workforce. Participating students will need to have met their graduation requirements and be able to dedicate two periods in the second half of the year to these certification courses. These courses have been approved by the Board of Education and as a result a small scholarship may be available to help defray the cost of tuition. Additionally, payment plans will be available directly through William Paterson University.





Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement Prep w/ EMD/911 Dispatch, CPR and Crime Scene Management Certifications



Criminal Justice Pathway- Law Enforcement Prep & Crime Scene Management

Students will complete a rigorous course, designed to prepare them for the demanding physical, mental and instructional experience commonly associated with basic training at the respective academies. This is accomplished under the strict supervision of highly experienced university instructors. This program will provide each student with all the tools needed to successfully complete the demanding requirements mandated by the NJ Police Training Commission (PTC).


Our team of experienced instructors, in conjunction with expert ļ¬tness, academic and medical professionals accredited by only the most reputable global training institutions, will guarantee success. We thrive on respect, professionalism, and hard work. We understand the urgency and the need-to-succeed from our students. This program includes EMD/911 Dispatch and CPR Certification. Students enrolled in this program will also cover Crime Scene Management and receive Crime Scene Certification. This portion of the course is designed for students who wish to develop knowledge and skills in the field of forensics and become law-enforcement professionals at the Local, State or Federal levels. Crime scene management is an extremely significant component and one of the most important phases of investigation.  Crime scene professionals must be able to uncover and recognize physical evidence to provide a picture that will be composed and used in a court of law. Additional topics include:


  • Responsibility of the Responding Officer: Students will know the officer’s duties and responsibilities at the scene, and possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform those duties.
  • Major Types of Evidence: Students will be able to identify the necessary steps to mark or package and tag each kind of evidence in a manner which is consistent with proper chain of custody.  
  • Preparing Crime Scene Notes: Students will possess the ability to prepare satisfactory crime scene notes and provide for the satisfactory disposition thereof.
  • Crime Scene Documentation: Students will possess the ability to prepare crime scene sketches (i.e.: photograph, sketches, video recording, etc.).


Entry Level Career Opportunities include: Placement in 911 operations centers such as a police station, fire department, or ambulance service.

Instructor : Robert Gromb
Dates : 02/03/20 to 06/12/20
Days : Mon,Tues,Weds,Thu,Fri
From : 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Fee : $1699.00
Course Number : P171

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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