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Forming a Non-Profit Corporation 501(c)(3) 3/16-3/23/13

Starting a non-profit organization can be a very rewarding but
complex experience. The vast majority of non-profits are started
by passionate, creative individuals who want to protect,
restore, or enhance the well-being of the people in their comm
unity. The process of incorporating might seem daunting but
knowing how to begin will make the start-up process more feasible and
build the individual’s confidence level as they move forward in bringing
their mission and vision to fruition.
These workshops will provide students with the background knowledge and
skills needed to effectively start up, and lead a non-profit organization.
Most non-profits are 501(c) (3) corporations, meaning they are formed for
religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, thus they
are eligible for federal and state tax exemptions. Workshop participants will
receive step-by-step instructions on obtaining a federal 501(c) (3) tax
exemption as well as how to qualify for public charity status with the IRS.
• Know the advantages and disadvantages of forming a non-profit
• Know the difference between 501(c)(3) and other 501(c) organizations
• Understand the process of starting a 501(c)(3) and adhering to nonprofit
requirements specific to the State of New Jersey
• Set goals and define the mission and vision statements while developing
a business plan
• Develop an organizational financial budget
• Utilize best practices to form a Board of Directors
• Adopt articles of incorporation, bylaws and first meeting minutes
• Complete an IRS tax-exemption application using IRS Form 1023
Includes: 2 four-hour classes, textbook, handouts and a CD with applications,
forms, etc. needed for 501(c)(3) filing

Instructor : Rev. Clarence Bulluck
Dates : 03/16/13 to 03/23/13
Days : Sat
From : 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Fee : $ 150.00
Course Number : B022

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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