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Introduction to Cosmology *Non-Credit* Online Course Non-Member 1/16-5/8/13

Primary Text: “Introduction to Cosmology” Barbara Ryden, First Edition: 2002, Addison-Wesly (ISBN 0-8053-8912-1

Recommended Text: “An Introduction to Modern Cosmology”, Andrew Liddle, Second Edition, 2003, Wiley (ISBN 0-4708-4835-7)

Course Description

The Big Bang.  Inflation.  The Cosmic Microwave Background.  Dark Matter.  Dark Energy.  Cosmic Nucleosynthesis.  The Birth of the Milky Way.   Cosmological Redshift.  Galaxy and Large-Scale Structure Formation.

This is the first Cosmology Course to be taught at William Paterson!

There is a Special Discount for Members in related Associations such as: NJ Astronomical Association, United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey, South jersey Astronomy Club, Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society, Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, etc. 

Instructor : Jason Kendall
Dates : 01/16/13 to 05/08/13
Days : Weds
From : 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Fee : $ 400.00
Course Number : S001A

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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