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Wellness Wednesday Parent Program 12/22/21 - Parents of LGBTQIA+ Youth: Common Language & News

Program Description:

Pre-College Youth Programs developed this Wellness Wednesday Parent Program in recognition of parents who tackled the challenges and uncertainties that formed during Covid-19; this program will empower parents to connect, share, and develop a variety of tactics that will support them in both their professional and personal lives. The program’s mission is to give parents a space to focus on themselves and offers tools to reduce stress; topics for these workshops will include discussions such as, but not limited to Handling the Transition of Remote to In Person Learning, Mastering Tranquility for Parents, Fun & Fitness with Family, and Navigating Holidays During Covid-19. We are offering a safe group space, led by experts in their respective fields, to create thought provoking dialogue that will provide useful tools parents require to engage effectively with both themselves and others during these ongoing stressful times. If you are a parent who is looking for a free resource designed specifically to help parents manage their overall wellness, then this program was designed precisely for you.


Workshop Description:

The December 22 topic is Parents of LGBTQIA+ Youth: Learning Common Language & Current News. Our focus will be how to communicate effectively with your kids who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community. We will discuss useful and relevant terms/language that will aid you in your conversations and understanding of this community. Studies have shown us that LGBTQIA+ Youth, who have at least ONE accepting adult, were 40% less likely to attempt suicide. Therefore, support is a crucial factor to keeping our LGBTQIA+ Youth safe, and it starts at home. Being able to talk to your kids using language affirming dialogue offers positive avenues of support—which are huge bolstering factors and tools to keep your kids safe. This workshop will also briefly discuss some relevant news/laws that might be relevant to your kids and their LGBTQIA+ identities. This workshop will open dialogue to people who want a space to speak about their experiences parenting LGBTQIA+ Youth. We are offering group styled support led by one of our team members who will guide this workshop in order for it to have structure that is beneficial to all. It is our hope that this workshop will offer anyone who has been seeking a sense of community for parents either entirely new to this community or well versed in relevant knowledge, some extra support and a safe space to dialogue with members of the community who are living the same experiences.



Pre-College Youth Programs Team members/staff. 


Location: Online*

*The Zoom link will be emailed the Tuesday before the dialogue circle held on Wednesday. 

Instructor :
Dates : 12/22/21
Days : Weds,Online
From : 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Fee : $ 0.00
Course Number : E440

Class is unavailable at this time please call 973-720-2354 for more information or other course options

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