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Programmable Logic Controllers Certificate - Online

Registrations for Online courses accepted starting 9/1/17 through 12/21/17.

The Programmable Logic Controllers program will provide the basic technical skills and knowledge necessary to work with electrical control systems typically found in an industrial environment. The program investigates the operation of various control systems including both discrete and analog control devices. Emphasis is placed on the use and programming of PLCs in a complex industrial control system.

This highly innovative distance education program combines state-of-the-art PLC simulation with interactive multimedia curriculum. The program content is delivered on CD-ROM and is supported through the Virtual Campus which provides online testing, technical and tutorial support.  Technical and tutorial support is provided via e-mail and telephone.

The program is designed to allow students to complete all aspects of the program and receive a PLC Technician certificate while studying at home using a highly interactive learning package. The learning materials consist of a CD-ROM with 19 modules containing:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Computer-Based Testing
  • PLC simulation software

Module 1. - Overview of PLCs
Module 2. - Central Processing Unit
Module 3. - I/O System
Module 4. - Programming Terminals and Peripherals
Module 5. - Installation and Maintenance of PLCs
Module 6. - Relay Logic 
Module 7. - Ladder Logic
Module 8. - Timers
Module 9. - Counters
Module 10. - MCR, JUMP, and FORCE Instructions
Module 11. - Sequencers
Module 12. - Data Transfer
Module 13. - Math Functions
Module 14. - Process Control
Module 15. - Data Highways
Module 16. - Number Systems and Codes
Module 17. - Digital Logic
Module 18. - Advanced Programming Languages
Module 19. - Robotics


Contact Rosa Williams-Hopkins for additional information 973-720-2354

Instructor :
Dates : 09/01/17 to 12/29/17
Days : Online
From : 9:00am - 9:00pm
Fee : $2000.00
Course Number : S006

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