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Introduction to WP Percussion Online 10/19-11/30/21

WP Percussion Online

Music Educator’s Percussion Course

7 weeks each course, 3 hours per week

Course 1, Snare Drum:

SLOs: mastery of basic snare drum technique, including standard 13 rudiments, reading different notation systems and styles, basic rolls and accent patterns

Evaluation: weekly playing quizzes, and a final exam that consists of two short etudes (concert and rudimental style) and the rudiments

Time commitment: at least forty minutes per day of practicing (more is better!)

This is an accelerated course for professional music educators who have not played snare drum before, or perhaps only in the context of their percussion techniques class during their undergraduate degree. The musical content will be easy, but developing the physical technique will require daily practice. All of the weeks are cumulative, so the course outline only lists the new material, but we will continue to refine the older material too.

Required texts & gear:

  • Stick Control, by George Lawrence Stone
  • Intermediate Snare Studies, by Mitchell Peters
  • Rudimental book TBD
  • Vic Firth SD1 Generals snare sticks
  • Remo practice pad (at least 8”) and/or snare drum with concert-height stand

Week 1:

Basic technique/history/nomenclature:

  • Grip, fulcrum point
  • single strokes, full strokes, down strokes, taps, up strokes
  • understanding the snare drum parts and nomenclature
  • history of the drum
  • concert vs. rudimental styles

Week 2:

  • Single strokes, double strokes, buzz rolls
  • exercises from Stick Control
  • etude from the Peters book

Week 3:

  • roll rudiments (5-stroke, 7-stroke, etc)
  • flams
  • more exercises
  • rudimental and concert-style etudes

Week 4:

  • flam taps, flam accents
  • more exercises
  • rudimental and concert-style etudes

Week 5:

  • ruffs/drags
  • more exercises
  • rudimental and concert-style etudes

Week 6:

  • all 13 rudiments
  • more exercises
  • rudimental and concert-style etudes

Week 7:

Review of previous weeks, final quiz with rudimental and concert etudes

Instructor :
Dates : 10/19/21 to 11/30/21
Days : Tues,Online
From : 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fee : $ 750.00
Course Number : E478

Class is unavailable at this time please call 973-720-2354 for more information or other course options

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