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Human Resources as a Strategic Partner Certificate - Online

Registrations for Online courses accepted through 8/31/19.

Contact Hours: 30



Course Description

The HR department exists in large part to address the issues that fall into grey areas. Human resource departments and managers are charged with a great deal of responsibility and in such this course focuses on working within HR as a strategic partner within the organization. This course explores what this means and how to accomplish the objective of operating with HR as a strategic partner. PLEASE NOTE: courses of study can be completed earlier than indicated and students retain access for one year from the date of enrollment.



The participant will be able to apply theory and practice to accomplish the objective of operating with an HR department as a strategic partner.



This course contains numerous multimedia, interactive learning environments that will allow you to complete courses by watching video, reading and interacting with course material, and completing quizzes.



Human Resources as a Strategic Partner

I. The HR department exists to handle the gray areas of an organization

II. Common pitfalls an HR professional can encounter
a. Start with no, or you cannot do that
b. Failing to educate
c. Sitting on the other side of the fence
d. Failing to understand the business

III. Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the HR professional
a. Required skills
i. Establish relationship with businesses
ii. Develop responses to strategic challenges
iii. Serve as a change agent
iv. Establish relationships to employees
v. Identify employee needs
vi. Establish strong relationships with business leaders
b. Competencies
i. Business acumen
ii. Conceptual and strategic thinking
iii. Balance advocacy for employees and business

IV. HR metrics and analysis
a. The absence rate
b. Cost per hire
c. Health care costs per employee
d. HR Expense factor
e. Human capital ROI
f. Human capital value added
g. Revenue factor
h. Time to fill
i. Training investment factor
j. Turnover costs
k. Turnover rate
l. Worker's compensation cost per employee

Instructor :
Dates : 08/31/19
Days : Online
From : -
Fee : $ 499.00
Course Number : B191

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