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Digital Graphic Design Certificate


Updated for Adobe Creative Cloud 2019, this course has been re­ designed and enhanced to meet the requirements of today’s digital designer. We cover the fundamental elements of graphic/ web design using the latest versions of the most in-demand software programs in the digital design industry today – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. In addition, the course now includes WordPress for the rapid development of web pages.

Students will learn to use Photoshop for image preparation and Illustrator to create original graphics and stylized text for both print and digital media. We then bring these visual elements together using InDesign to structure page content/layout for both printing and ePub documents for electronic distribution,and WordPress for generated web pages. Course projects include creating original graphics for a corporate brand and applying it consistently across different media platforms. This is an introductory course and no experience with Adobe Creative Cloud or WordPress is required. However, please be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and Windows File Management prior to enrolling in this course. Open enrollment is available at the start of each session. 

Course Overview

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign/WordPress

PHOTOSHOP (4 weeks)

Learn the fundamentals of this digital image manipulation software application. Strengthen your business communication skills by creating graphics for print and a variety of digital media. You will learn Photoshop tools and options, design composite images, make photo corrections, control layers, apply transparency, masking, type, blend modes, filters, and optimize images to match the right media.


Illustrator artwork appears everywhere and its power and complexity can be mastered by learning a few key concepts. Training begins with learning basic vector drawing, coloring, and editing; it then advances to transparency, typography, path tools, image trace, special effects and much more.


Learn InDesign and WordPress to design powerful page layouts for both print and digital media. Students explore the fundamentals of InDesign to control document content and layout. You will start with the basics of setting up documents, working with text and type styles. After mastering these skills, you will then learn to enhance your pages by placing images, managing color, using transparency, applying formatting, defining styles and outputting files for print and ePub electronic distribution. Open source WordPress provides a robust set of tools for creating complete web sites. It has many features that makes it one of the premier web development environments today, including: the use of templates for fast web page development, scalable pages and mobile ready across different platforms, end user content management, search engine optimization, and a range of hosting options including full business e-commerce.

Contact Rosa Williams-Hopkins for additional information 973-720-2354

Our Instructor:

 Frank Asciutto is an Instructional Designer, Digital Technology Instructor and Educational Technologist specializing in Microsoft Office   and Adobe Creative Suite. He has 12 years of classroom teaching experience supplemented with online course development and   delivery using Blackboard. Before joining William Paterson University, Frank was an accomplished corporate IT systems manager with   over 20 years of experience designing and implementing a variety of financial applications. Frank earned a Master’s Degree in   Educational Technology in 2012 from Boise State Universitynand is a Certified Microsoft Office Master.

Instructor : Frank Asciutto
Dates : 03/22/22 to 05/26/22
Days : Tues,Thu,Online
From : 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Fee : $1125.00
Course Number : T015B

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