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Data Science Leading to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm

How do creative educators rise to the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Because of COVID-19, however, both teachers and students were stuck at home. To slow the spread of the virus, schools across the country had closed their campuses and pivoted to online instruction—a sweeping and unprecedented shift that has affected 55 million students, potentially interrupting their intellectual and emotional development and putting them at risk of falling behind.

Dr. Choudhury is determined to keep her students on track. Sitting in her living room, she wondered how she would help housebound 10-year-olds understand data and maps. The solution, Dr. Choudhury realized, could be found in her kitchen—and in the kitchens of her students.

“I had to be creative with activities so they wouldn’t be bored. I wanted to keep their minds engaged.”

Like essential workers, educators have unexpectedly found themselves on the front lines of the pandemic, asked to fulfill their mission of educating and caring for children under difficult and potentially risky conditions. There is professional and personal challenges posed by the virus—drawing on a sense of passion and purpose that will be needed as schools entered an uncertain winter season and a new academic year shaped by the ongoing public health crisis.


Eight Modules for 10 weeks - Online Bootcamp with Importance of Domain knowledge in Data Science (Advanced Level):

  1. Introduction to “Machine learning in big data management” and ML oriented Fundamentals (Algebra, Matrices & Probability for ML)
  2. ML Algorithms (& Optimization techniques)
  3. Supervised Learning and introduce examples in SAS and Python
  4. Unsupervised Learning with examples in SAS and Python
  5. Cases, Domain application and managerial application (thought leadership & usage) of ML in big-data analytics
  6. Future of Analytics, Machine/Deep learning & Artificial Intelligence
  7. Python Libraries for Data Science for Data and Text Analytics as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  8. Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning with introduction to Google TensorFlow (for unstructured data)

The final project is a Capstone type project for ML/AI with technical writing and thought leadership/communication in layman’s term. All courses conducted via Zoom.

Please click link to learn more about our amazing instructor Dr. Choudhury: 


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Instructor : Dr. Shakuntala Choudhury
Dates : 01/27/22 to 03/24/22
Days : Thu
From : 6:30 PM - 9:30PM
Fee : $3000.00
Course Number : P030

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