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Complete End-user Cyber Security Training - Online

Complete End-user Cyber Security Training

Course Number:
Contact Hours: 50


Course Description

This two course series includes:
Cyber Security Awareness and Prevention
Data Security Compliance

The Cyber Security Awareness and Prevention course will teach you how to keep your network safe, how to stay safe on the internet, how to keep your email safe, how to use anti-virus software and much more. You will walk away from this training with a level of understanding that will let you apply the proper amount of digital protection to your home or office computer systems.

The Data Security Compliance course outlines important data security measures to be taken by individuals to protect sensitive data and PI. Some of the topics include how to prevent data breaches, safeguard, protecting your personal information and different types of breaches. The security measures outlined in this course not only protect the individual (mobile devices, etc) but also protect data up to the corporate level. These safe practices can prevent hacking into personal social media accounts up to hacking of sensitive corporate data and data breaches. Learn how to better protect yourself and your company by implementing these security measures into your usage.

Instructor :
Dates : 01/03/19 to 08/30/19
Days : Online
From : -
Fee : $ 899.00
Course Number : T145

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