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Coding Certification Course - Hybrid Course 04/02/2019 - 09/28/2019

Coding Certification Course 

The Coding Bootcamp at William Paterson University is a comprehensive program that includes six months of classroom instruction with lectures, exercises, and projects.  Python is often hailed as one of the best programming languages for first-time coders to learn as they break into programming. It’s the main technology powering big data, finance, and statistics, and it’s clean syntax reads like English. Python developers are in demand, not to mention the average Python developer in New York City earns $110,000 per year! Companies like Amazon, Dropbox, and Dell are built on Python, making it a great time to learn.

Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! This course includes quizzes, tests, and homework assignments as well as 3 major projects to create a Python project portfolio!

Schedule Overview (210 Total Hours):

Part1:  Introduction to Programming with Python

Part2:  Advanced Features of Python including classes/objects, networking, database access, multithreading, and web development.

Part3: Web development with JavaScript.



Tuesdays 5-7pm in-class

Thursdays 5-7pm in-class

Saturdays  Online

Instructor : Dr. Gilbert Ndjatou
Dates : 04/02/19 to 09/28/19
Days : Tues,Thu,Sat,Online
From : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Fee : $6500.00
Course Number : T050

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