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Build iPhone and iPad Apps with Xcode for Beginners - Online

Build iPhone and iPad Apps with Xcode for Beginners

Contact Hours: 30


Course Description

This course will get you started on your way to becoming a full-fledged professional iPhone and iPad developer. Professional iOS developers use Xcode every day to build the best and most lucrative apps in the app store.

Xcode for Developers

If you want to become a real iOS app developer, you need to know Xcode. Learning Xcode on your own is not only frustrating, it's time consuming and may just drive you crazy. This course is design for those who don't have the time or patience to wade through thousands of pages of technical documentation only to find that it's too hard to understand.

I'm New to App Development - Is Xcode Hard to Learn?

No. Xcode's graphic user interface greatly reduces the learning curve for new developers. Years ago you would have had to know programming code to build an iPhone or iPad, but not anymore. Be confident that if you really desire to learn Xcode, you really can learn it.



The student will be prepared to work with the following:

  - iPhone app development
  - iPad app development
  - Installing Xcode
  - Understanding the Xcode user interface
  - Working with controllers, tables and gestures
  - Understanding the iOS platform
  - How to build an app from scratch
  - Working with Twitter
  - Working with the Google API



This course allows for self-directed work and does not require that you take a test. Apply what you have learned to your own projects.


Module 1: Introduction to the Course

  - Course introduction
  - Helpful links and references
  - Downloading and installing Xcode

Module 2: Getting Down to Basics

  - Using Xcode for the first time
  - Interactive Simulation: Understanding the Xcode user interface
  - Creating your first application
  - iOS 5 walk through
  - Using UI TextField and UI Buttons
  - Creating and instance method
  - How to hide the keyboard
  - Lesson source codes

Module 3: Multiple View Controllers

  - Introduction to multiple view controllers
  - How to Segue with code
  - Walk through of Segue and the UI Navigation Controller
  - Passing data between view controllers

Module 4: Table Views

  - Introduction to Table Views
  - Walk through of Table Views
  - Creating a dynamic UI Table View
  - Editing and adding to a UI Table View
  - Rearranging UI Table View cells and passing data
  - Lesson source codes

Module 5: Gestures

  - Introduction to gestures
  - Using a pinch gesture
  - Using a tap gesture
  - Using a rotate gesture
  - Using a pan gesture
  - Using a long press gesture and UI Action Sheets
  - Using a swipe gesture
  - Lesson source code

Module 6: Project 1 - RPN Calculator

  - Setting up your RPN Calculator
  - Creating the model for your RPN Calculator
  - Connecting your model and completing your app
  - Reviewing your RPN Calculator
  - Lesson source code

Module 7: iPad Applications

  - Introduction to UI Split View Controllers
  - Implementing the button dance
  - Finishing up and setting up the delegation
  - Lesson source code

Module 8: iOS Core Features

  - Sending a Tweet with the Twitter Framework
  - Twitter API source code
  - Introduction to NS User Defaults
  - NS User Defaults source code

Module 9: Web Services

  - Setting up your UI and Properties
  - Getting the JSON data from Google
  - Processing and displaying the data
  - Google Search API source code

Module 10: Conclusion / End of Course

  - Setting up your UI and Properties
  - Getting the JSON data from Google
  - Processing and displaying the data
  - Google Search API source code


Instructor :
Dates : 08/31/19
Days : Online
From : -
Fee : $ 299.00
Course Number : T155

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