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Basic Civil Mediation - 6 Courses (B049, B050, B051, B052, B053, B054)

This certification is design specifically as an introduction to dispute resolution through mediation. It is designed for those interested in pursuing careers as mediators.

The course has been structured to qualify the student to meet the educational requirements to be approved as a mediator for court ordered civil mediation in New Jersey. Applications will be made for approval so that completion of the Spring 2015 semester series will qualify those who complete the course successfully.

It is also designed for executives interested in using mediation or mediation techniques for the resolution of disputes in various settings.

The Basic Mediation Program is designed to teach the fundamental techniques for resolving disputes in positive, creative ways and avoiding the necessity of expensive and divisive adversarial mechanisms for dispute resolution.

At the successful conclusion of the Basic Civil Mediation Course the student will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the basic six (6) courses.

 Basic Civil Mediation Certificate Courses

Course Descriptions



101Introduction to Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  This course will introduce Mediation as a dispute resolution process and distinguish it from litigation and the other available dispute resolution processes.  It will discuss the reasons to choose mediation rather than an alternate process, including its advantages and disadvantages in different circumstances.  It will also provide the student with an overview of the legal and ethical framework for mediation, including private and court ordered mediation processes in New Jersey.  


102.  Negotiation Theory and Practice in Mediation.  The purpose of this course is to educate the mediator in recognizing and dealing with various negotiation styles and techniques. It will expose the student to negotiation powers and tactics that a skilled negotiator or mediator must recognize, react to and use as appropriate.  A negotiating toolkit will be used in simulations during the program. It will provide a background for the mediator to better facilitate an effective process. 


103Legal and Ethical Issues in Mediation.  This course will layout the legal framework in which mediation takes place.  The statutes, court rules, and case law governing the mediation process will be discussed.  It will then proceed to discuss common standards set by the Rules of Professional Conduct and other sources of ethical considerations governing mediation.  Among the topics to be discussed will be confidentiality, impartiality, the use of coercive and manipulation techniques and dealing with power imbalances


104Managing a Mediation.  This course will focus on the important tasks of managing a mediation.  It will concentrate on the steps from the commencement of mediation until the mediation session, including mediation agreements, the initial organization conference, communications with the attorneys and parties before the mediation session, the exchange of documents and information, and all necessary steps to assure that all participants are prepared for the mediation session.


105Conducting the Mediation Session(s).  The focal point of this course will be the mediation session itself.  It will discuss the importance and content of the opening statement, the role of the parties,  the use of joint sessions and caucuses, dealing with varying negotiation tactics and strategies during the mediation, breaking down barriers to dispute resolution, the use of problem solving and educational strategies in the mediation and getting to a successful outcome.  It will end with a discussion of the mediator’s role in crafting a resolution agreement. 


106.  Mediation Workshop.  The student will be exposed to a variety of mediation simulations with role playing.  These will include simulations ranging from a simple civil small claim to a complex case involving multiple parties and public issues.  Students will take roles as parties, attorneys, experts, and mediators in an attempt to put into context the information presented to this point and to qualify the student to conduct a mediation.


Instructor :
Dates : 09/29/15 to 11/03/15
Days : Tues
From : 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Fee : $ 900.00
Course Number : B055

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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