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“Pioneer” Mascot Performers

William Paterson University Athletics and Recreation

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Job Description:

William Paterson University Athletics and Recreation has a proud tradition of NCAA Division III competition and an exciting athletic atmosphere.  To further enhance this experience for spectators and athletes alike, the department is seeking responsible individuals to serve as the mascot by bringing a positive and vibrant attitude to the role during the Fall 2021 semester.

Mascot staff will be responsible for, but not limited to, attending sporting events in costume to entertain fans of all ages, be an uplifting off-field presence to the athletes and staff during competitions, and serve as a spirted public representative for the University. The mascot may plan, develop, and implement dance routines, skits, and other activities in collaboration with Marketing Coordinator.  An individual functioning as the mascot should have the ability to bring the character to life in order to energize the spectators.

This includes:

  • Being responsible and accountable to appearance schedules- arriving on time and remaining for the duration of a shift;
  • Exhibiting strong non-verbal communication skills;
  • Demonstrating an outgoing performance personality with an ability to interact with spectators;
  • Fostering a fun and energetic atmosphere with spectator and at events;
  • Possessing a creative and humorous personality while maintaining a professional demeanor;
  • Providing high quality customer service;
  • Maintaining independent and self-motivated style, while remaining flexible and adaptable;
  • Caring for the mascot costume and props when possessing it;
  • Being athletically and physically fit to wear costume and perform for duration of events;
  • Must be able to comfortably and safely fit in the mascot costume;
  • Willing to work extended and/or irregular hours including nights and weekends, both indoors and outdoors.

 Additional Information
Part-time and event based.  Willing to work with mascot staff availability/schedules.  Candidates should plan to participate in a tryout (details included with acceptance of application) Applicants should demonstrate awareness and sensitivity that embraces and supports working within a diverse, multicultural community.  The candidate must show the ability to work with the Athletics and Recreation administration and staff.

To Apply

For additional information, please email Dave Jones, Head Equipment & Events Manager, at jonesd4@wpunj.edu.

Date Submitted: 09/02/2021
Submitted By: Rec Ctr Services / Joshua Rinck

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