A New – and Faster – Way to Request a Social Security Card

Dear Colleague,

Do your clients need to apply for a Social Security number and card?  Do they need a replacement card or to update their name?  We now have a new – and faster – way for them to make the request online.

When your clients visit our Social Security Number and Card webpage, they can answer a series of questions that will determine whether they can:

  • Complete the entire application process online; or
  • Start the application process online, then bring any required documents to their local office to complete the application.  This saves them time in the office.

In both scenarios, we will mail their card after we process their completed application, typically within two weeks.  Please remind your clients that we don’t issue cards at our offices or card centers.

More information about this process is available in our blog post.

Date Submitted: 09/29/2022
Submitted By: Payroll & Employee Benefits / Rosemarie Vidal