Biotechnology - BS

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Year 1

Semester 1

Course Credits
BIO 1630 General Biology I 4.0
MATH 1160 or 1135 Pre-Calculus or Algebra, Trig, & Functions 4.0
UCC 1 Personal Well Being 3.0
UCC 2B College Writing 3.0
WPU 1010 First Year Seminar 1.5
Total Semester Credits 15.5

Semester 2

Course Credits
BIO 2060 Genetics 4.0
MATH 1600 Calculus I (meets area 3E) 4.0
UCC 2A Expression - Arts & Communication 3.0
UCC 2C Expression - Literature 3.0
Total Semester Credits 14

Year 2

Semester 3

Course Credits
BIO 2050 Cell Biology 4.0
CHEM 1600 General Chemistry I 4.0
World Languages I 3.0
UCC 3A Ways of Knowing - Philisophical Perspectives 3.0
UCC 3C Ways of Knowing - Social & Behavioral Sciences 3.0
Total Semester Credits 17

Semester 4

Course Credits
BIO 3610 or 3650 General Botany or Plant Physiology 4.0
CHEM 1620 General Chemistry II 4.0
World Languages II 3.0
UCC 3B Ways of Knowing - Historical Persprctives 3.0
UCC 3C Ways of Knowing - Social & Behavioral Sciences 3.0
Total Semester Credits 17

Year 3

Semester 5

Course Credits
BIO 3200 General Microbiology 4.0
CHEM 2510 Organic Chemistry I 4.0
PHYS 2550 or 2600 College or General Physics I (meets area 3D) 4.0
BIO 5240 Molecular Biology 3.0
Total Semester Credits 15

Semester 6

Course Credits
BIO Biology Elective 4.0
CHEM 2520 Organic Chemistry II 4.0
PHYS 2560 or 2610 College or General Physics II 4.0
UCC 4 Diversity & Justice 3.0
Total Semester Credits 15

Year 4

Semester 7

Course Credits
BIO 5300 Biotechnology: DNA 4.0
CHEM 4270 Biochemistry 4.0
UCC 5 Civic & Community Engagement 3.0
UCC 6 Global Awareness 3.0
Free Elective 3.0
Total Semester Credits 17

Semester 8

Course Credits
BIO 4800 or 4990 Biology Seminar or Independent Study 2.0
MATH Math Co-Requisite 4.0
BIO 5310 Biotechnology: Cell Culture 4.0
Free Elective 3.0
Total Semester Credits 13

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Africana World Studies Humanities & Arts BA
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Asian Studies - Chinese Language Track - BA
Asian Studies - East Asian - BA
Asian Studies - Japanese Language Track BA
Asian Studies - South Asian - BA
Athletic Training - BS
Biology - Ecology - BS
Biology - General - BS
Biology - Physiology and Behavior - BS
Biotechnology - BS
Chemistry - BA
Communication - Broadcast Journalism BA
Communication - Interpersonal Communication BA
Communication - Media Production BA
Communication - Media Studies BA
Communication - Print Journalism BA
Communication - Public Relations BA
Communication - Theatre & Comedy BA
Communication Disorders - BA
Computer Science - BS
Criminology & Criminal Justice BA
Early Childhood Ed P-3 BA
Early Childhood Ed P-3 Bilingual BA
Early Childhood Ed P-3 K-6 BA
Early Childhood Ed P-3 Students w Disabilities BA
Earth Science BA
Economics - BA
Elementary Ed K-6 5-8 BA
Elementary Ed K-6 BA
Elementary Ed K-6 Bilingual BA
Elementary Education K-6 Students with Disabilities BA
English - Literature - BA
English - Writing - BA
English Literature for Education BA
English Writing for Education BA
Environmental Science - BS
Environmental Sustainability BS
Exercise Science - BS
Finance BS
Financial Planning BS
French - BA
Geography General BA
Global Business Studies BS
History - BA
Joint BA/MS Communication Disorders Program
Latin American Studies - BA
Legal Studies BA
Liberal Studies Arts Humanities Soc. Sci. BA
Management BS
Marketing BS
Mathematics BA
Mathematics BS
Music Classical Management BM
Music Classical Performance Guitar BM
Music Classical Performance Piano BM
Music Classical Performance Voice BM
Music Classical Secondary Ed K-12 Instrumental BM
Music Classical Secondary Ed K-12 Performance Voice BM
Music Classical Sound Engineering BM
Music Jazz Mgt Performance BM
Music Jazz Secondary Ed K-12 BM
Music Jazz Sound Engineering BM
Music Jazz Studies Drums BM
Music Jazz Studies Keyboard BM
Music Jazz Studies Vocal BM
Music Jazz Studies Wind, Mallet, Guitar BM
Music Popular Music BA
Musical Studies - BA
Nursing - BS
Nursing - General - BS
Nursing - RN - BS
Philosophy - BA
Physical Education K-12 with Health Certification BS
Political Science - BA
Professional Sales - BS
Psychology - BA
Public Health - Education BS
Public Health- General BS
Sociology - General - BA
Sociology - Social Services - BA
Sociology - Work & Community Engagement BA
Spanish - BA
Sport Management BA
Undeclared - Undergraduate
Women's & Gender Studies