WP alum Ed Camp ‘87 is going to the Super Bowl! The longtime official will fulfill his dream assignment when he serves as the down judge for the big game in Atlanta: wpunj.us/MAPVSu 🏈 #WeAreWillPower

“I got accepted into the only university I applied for and I couldn’t be happier! 🧡🖤 I am now starting my journey as a future educator! 👨🏽‍🏫 Even though I’m sad to leave the kiddos in the fall that have impacted me and that I have impacted in the span of a couple weeks of just working with them at Mercer Elementary, I know that I’m doing this for THEM! I can’t wait to meet some new people, grow as a new person and future educator. So, cheers to new beginnings!” #WPAccepted

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“What a ride it has been at William Paterson University. From doing production in the control room to delivering content both in classes and on Brave New Radio to introduce and co-host an MMA radio show this semester. Dabbled in play-by-play calling to being a utility analyst for Sports Desk. Originally signed up for NFL but instead did WP basketball, football and soccer. Today was my last show on Sports Desk with a nice on-air send off. Couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity and proud of the crew that pull this show off each Friday. Thank you 🙏🏼” #WeAreWillPower

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The WP Bowling team captured their first major victory of the season when they took home first place at the 2018 Lehigh Valley Collegiate Classic Championship this past weekend. Well done! #WeAreWillPower

“This University has done so much for me. Finishing my degree and working here has played a huge role in my growth as a person. Thank you to everyone at Willy P who have made these two and a half years so special ❤️ I will be walking in commencement in May!”

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WP Cheerleading took home first place at the 2019 American Cheer and Dance “Reach the Beach” National Championship in Ocean City, Maryland. They competed against teams from around the country in the small advanced co-ed college division 🧡 #WeAreWillPower

Johan Von Ende ‘19

“The first time I came to William Paterson was in the fall of 2010. I was attending my Eagle Scout dinner where I was recognized for being a leader. I didn’t know it at the time, but William Paterson would continue to play an important role in molding me into the leader I am today.

I transferred to WP from Bergen Community College in the fall of 2016. At first I was nervous about adjusting to a new school, but thanks to the Will. Power. I found as a student in the communication department, I was quickly able to adapt to my new environment and rise to meet the challenge of my academics. I overcame my struggles when I joined our tv station, WPTV-6, and became a parent orientation leader. My Will. Power., combined with the support of the University, helped me to succeed.

To me, my Will. is my ability to succeed, fight and persevere against anything that comes at me in life. My Power. is my ability to never give up on my dreams. I believe that if you can empower someone to believe in themselves, they can do anything. I will soon be graduating with my bachelor’s in media production, and I cannot thank WP enough for pushing me past my limitations and believing in me. William Paterson will always be my heart.”

Meagan Trozzo ‘19

“William Paterson University has given me the foundation to grow in ways I never thought possible. This year I competed as part of a team of two students representing William Paterson at the Russ Berrie Institute’s 12th Annual National Sales Competition. I was so proud when our team won first place in the competition, as WP has only won this competition two times in the past 12 years. Individually, I also earned first place for the sales role play event, and came in second place for the individual overall competition out of 130 students from 40 schools from all over the world. 

Based off of this, you might think I was some kind of veteran at these competitions, right? Wrong. This past fall, I competed for the very first time in William Paterson’s Professional Sales Challenge Triathlon. At first I was terrified and actually had to force myself to participate. But I knew I had to summon my Will. Power. and take the leap, and I was determined to be as prepared as possible. In advance of the competition, I joined the Professional Sales Club and enrolled in a Professional Sales class. My hard work paid off as WP gave me the opportunity to not only compete in the Triathlon, but to qualify to compete in the National Sales Challenge. The faculty and staff of William Paterson took me further. After qualifying, the faculty dedicated nine hours each week to train us for the competition. They didn’t have to do this – they were adding this to their regular schedules. But, because of their dedication, I gained the confidence to compete. And we won. All thanks to Will. Power.”

“Crying because I didn’t think I could make it or would ever make it to this point in my life ever. I couldn’t be any more grateful although it’s bittersweet. Thank you to everyone I met during my college experience. I hold a lot of you very close to my heart. 🙏🏾♥️ it’s honestly so surreal… from #dogoodwp to #didgoodwp

“Did someone say ‘best sports program in the country two years in a row’ or did I just hear something?”

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Hershell Williams ‘20

“William Paterson is a great environment; everyone is super helpful. When I first started here, I took a leap of faith: I had never taken an art class, ever. The professors really took the time to explain things to me and help me develop myself. More experienced students in class would check on me every day, see how my work was coming, and make suggestions. My skills have come a long way, and I’m looking forward to an internship in animation.”

“This past May I was a little upset with myself that I wouldn’t be graduating “in time.” I learned to accept that fact and reflected back on how these past four years I have worked full time while still maintaining high grades. Yesterday I was officially inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society for students in education. I know that my hard work is paying off, and though I might still have a little to be done, I have been able to accomplish much on my own. I am proud of myself for my grades while still managing to work a full time job and be a full time student. I know there’s so much more to come!” #WeAreWillPower

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“proud to announce that in the fall I’ll be attending william paterson university with a marketing major and a music industry minor!! beyond stoked to be apart of one of the nation’s top schools for the music bizzzz. #wpaccepted”

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“Officially a pioneer 🤠 #WPAccepted”

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“I couldn’t be happier to say I’m able to begin the next chapter of my life at my first choice of a school. I’ve already met a few great people beforehand and I can’t wait to get to know some more and grow as a person and a future nursing major. Being a future Pioneer (and as a bonus being accepted into the Honors College) has been a goal of mine since the first day of freshman year and I’m very happy to say I’m #WPAccepted ♥️🏥💉”

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Finding success on and off the field: In Fall 2018, 84 student-athletes were named to the Dean’s List 💪 #WeAreWillPower

“i’ve been #wpaccepted !! so excited for the next four years and thankful for all the opportunities wpu will bring me.”

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“This is the part where I’m supposed to talk about how expensive this piece of paper is. But, because of all of the financial aid, scholarships, and working throughout the process, I could pay off my debt today if I wanted. Not many students that pay for their own schooling can say the same yet alone do so after 150 credits, for that I feel extremely lucky. Hard work does pay off.”

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