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WPUNJ Carbon Footprint Application - Commuter Contributions



Total approximate mileage commuted for time span: 24,027,380.22
Total approximate pounds of Carbon Dioxide produced for time span: 18,993,976.46


Information in this report is based on Students/Faculty/Staff that are commuters, are enrolled, and/or are working for the university during the selected time period.
Zip codes are pulled based on this population's active hometowns that are on record with the university during the selected time period.
Parking Permit Verification is currently: ON Parking Permit Verification is used in an attempt to exclude faculty/staff/students who may use mass transit. All Students/Faculty/Staff that drive to campus are required to register their vehicles with the University Police Department and obtain a parking permit, but not everyone that drives obtains a parking permit.
Max distance one way is currently set to: 100 miles. What this means is that if someone's current active address on file is more than 100 miles away, it is assumed they have a closer residence not reported with the university, therefore they are negated from the list.
Pounds of Carbon Dioxide calculations are based off of an average of 25.3 miles per gallon of gasoline burned.
One gallon of burned gasoline produces approximately 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.