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David K Philp

Professor • Department of Music

David Philp, Assistant Professor of Music Management & Popular Music Studies at William Paterson University, sports over 20 years of experience in the entertainment world working for PolyGram Records, the Universal Music Group, New Video (home video distributor of the A&E Network, History Channel & Biography Channel content), The Edge With Jake Sasseville (independent television show), and Greater Media Broadcasting (WDHA & WMTR radio).

A BM graduate of WPU with an emphasis in Music Management, David received his MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University.

He runs the Music Biz 101 website for the WPU Music Management and Popular Music Studies programs and co-hosts with Dr. Stephen Marcone “Music Biz 101 & More,” a weekly radio show on WPSC: Brave New Radio. The podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Marcone and Philp are also co-authors of “Managing Your Band – 6th Edition,” available wherever awesome books are sold.

David teaches about music royalty streams, social media, and entrepreneurship at WPU. He is also the music director at the Wayne United Methodist Church and Chief Organizer Guy of YouChoose Music, a live music events production company that raises oodles of big dollars for great non-profits. Professor Philp also manages Zach Matari and Switch Mob. He has one wife and two children, all of whom are left-handed.

Professional Interests

Music Industry
Music Artist Management

Other Interests

NY Mets



MBA Marketing Management, Pace University New York, NY


Music Industry, Social Media

Notable Courses Taught

Music in Social Media I & II
Modern Entertainment Company I & II
Survey of the Music & Entertainment Industry
Personal Management in the Music & Entertainment Industry
Entrepreneurship in Music (MBA & undergrad)
Music Tech (MBA)
The Nashville Music Business

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