Faculty and Staff

Michael L Griffiths

Professor • Department of Environmental Science

Professional Interests

My research interests are primarily focused on the use of geochemical tracers preserved in sedimentary archives ("proxies")--primarily cave stalagmites and fossil teeth--to reconstruct past environmental/climate changes. Specifically, my research is centered around building records of past environmental change over numerous time scales, ranging from the last millennium to the last ~100 million years, using various isotope systems and elemental tracers encoded in these natural archives. I also work with atmosphere-ocean climate models to elucidate the mechanisms for the changes observed in the proxies. 


PhD Physical Geography, THE UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE Newcastle, Australia



Notable Courses Taught

General Geology (ENV1150); General Geology (summer session I, ENV1150-70); Oceanography (ENV2170); Global Climate Change (ENV3170); Junior Seminar (ENV3800); and Senior Practicum (ENV4800). I have also advised students for Field Experience (ENV3010) and Independent Study (ENV4990).