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Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business in 1 Hour - Online

Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business in 1 Hour

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Course Description

If you own a small business, you know that you need a mobile app. Over 30% of traffic on the internet now comes from mobile devices, and that number is growing. If you don't have a mobile app, you're missing out on a huge number of new customers.

Why Doesn't Everyone Have a Mobile App?

The problem is that having a mobile app developed for you is expensive. The average mobile app costs $5,000  $15,000 for just one app on one marketplace. Well, not anymore! You can build your own mobile app for pennies on the dollar and publish to all the major marketplaces.You don't need to be an app developer to build your own small business app, and you don't need any computer programming experience.

How is this possible?

We teach you how to build your own app using the two top rated app building tools on the web today. We'll make building and publishing your own app easy. We'll even show you how to create a mobile website absolutely free and redirect customers using their mobile phone to the more user friendly version of your site. Employing a mobile app and a mobile website is guaranteed to attract more traffic and generate more sales for your business.

  • 12 Month Access to All Course Material
  • Over 6 Hours of Content
  • Build a Mobile App for Your Small Business
  • No Experience or Coding Required
  • Save Thousands of Dollars on App Development
  • Publish to All the Major Marketplaces
  • Build a Mobile Business Website for Free

NOTE:  iBuildApp and Conduit Mobile are not free. You can build and publish free apps, but they will have advertising on them and/or have download limits. However, the services are reasonably priced and there are options for people who just want to build one app and options for those who want to start an app development business. Check out the current price list.

iBuildApp price list:

Conduit Mobile price list:

Instructor :
Dates : 12/31/19
Days : Online
From : -
Fee : $ 299.00
Course Number : T154

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