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WP Physics for Middle School Level (Grades 5-8) 8/4-8/8/14

We will explore Physics by using fun experiments and projects. Projects are summarized as shown below: Designing a Roller Coaster (1) is physics project will show how the circular motion equations are related to the roller coaster and the relationships between the potential energy and kinetic energy; Designing a Bridge from balsa wood (2) physics activity will challenge students to build strong bridges using the laws of physics like the stress and the strain; Egg Drop Experiment (3) is related to topics like inertia, gravity, momentum, potential and kinetic energy; and Water Balloon Experiment (4) is related to a projectile motion of an object challenge is which group is going to get a maximum range of a projectile.  Additional projects students will work and present are: Making electricity from a lemon, and Building a simple electric motor.

Instructor :
Dates : 08/04/14 to 08/08/14
Days : Mon,Tues,Weds,Thu,Fri
From : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fee : $ 425.00
Course Number : MS501

Class is full at this time please call 973-720-2354 to be placed on a waiting list

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