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HTML 5 Game Development for Coders - Online

HTML 5 Game Development for Coders

Course Number:
Contact Hours: 30


Course Description

If you have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript you can use those skills to create dynamic and inventive games that work on all devices, allowing you unlimited access to the highest grossing mobile markets as well as for desktop browsers. This course teaches you how to create stunning multi-device games using the Lime JS platform for HTML 5 game development. With your programming code as a base, Lime JS allows you to develop games in a much shorter time than simply coding alone. The course can be completed sooner, based on your skills set and time devoted to the subject.

The HTML 5 Game Market

Building games for multiple devices used to be a real pain point for game developers, but not anymore. Leveraging the Lime JS system, you can easily create your game once, then deploy to all platforms without having to re-create your games to work on each individual device.

What Platforms Can I Publish To?

With Lime JS, you can publish to iphone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones and tablets, desktop and laptop computers and the web

Instructor :
Dates : 08/31/19
Days : Online
From : -
Fee : $ 199.00
Course Number : T151

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