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    About the College

The College of the Arts and Communication at William Paterson University offers graduate programs in the visual arts, professional communication, and music education, management, performance, and arranging.The purpose of the programs is to provide advanced professional preparation for students committed to excellence in their disciplines. Each program features award-winning faculty members who work intensively with their students. Faculty specialists in fine art, design, professional communication (including new and digital media), musical composition and arrangement, and conducting are nationally and frequently, internationally recognized for their accomplishments. Locally, they are recognized for their commitment to mentoring students on the upward path of their careers.

Recent graduates of the College’s programs have achieved significant accomplishments following graduation, and there is a strong network of association between the faculty in the graduate programs, alumni, and working professionals who frequently lecture or give master classes.

Resources and facilities include Shea Center for Performing Arts, which houses the Department of Music and features a 960-seat theater; Hobart Hall, home of the Department of Communication as well as two television studios and an FCC-licensed radio station, WPSC 88.7 FM; Power Art Center, which houses the Department of Art and visual arts studios; and Ben Shahn Center for the Visual Arts, which includes the University Galleries and the new Center for Chinese Art. Among the College’s specialized facilities are state-of-the-art classrooms, film, animation, and graphic design studios; music recording and audio production facilities; and an electronic music laboratory.