Undergraduate Catalog 2012 - 2013


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Department of Music

Professors: W. Charlap, N Guptill Crain, D. Demsey, K. Demsey, G. Kirkpatrick, J. Kresky, J. Link, P. MacDonald, S. Marcone, D. Falk-Romaine(chair), D. Weisberg

Associate Professors: C. Frierson Campbell, D. Kerzner, T. Newman

Assistant Professors:  J. C. Davis, P. McGuinness, D. Philip, A. Vishio

The Department of Music at William Paterson University provides the resources, guidance, and diverse environment that motivates students to build and maintain careers in classical and jazz performance and composition, sound engineering arts, music education, and music management. Combining traditional teaching and learning with innovative approaches, the Department gives students the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the contemporary musical environment.

Information about audition requirements for all undergraduagte degrees in Music can be found on the Music departmetn website: http://www.wpunj.edu/coac/departments/music/