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Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Professor: Arlene Holpp Scala (Chair)

Associate Professor: Elena Sabogal

Assistant Professor: Sreevidya Kalaramadam

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field, applying feminist perspectives to all areas of the study of women, men, people with variant gender identities, and gender issues. The program emphasizes gender as shaped by its interaction with race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion, age, ability/disability, and other identities. The department recently developed a new minor in the emerging field of Social Justice. The department's goal is to demonstrate both the commonality and diversity of people's experiences, with a special focus on women, in the U.S and globally. The program offers interdisciplinary courses studying a range of issues and topics including the social construction of identities, human trafficking, reproductive rights, ecofeminism, law, immigration, education, sexual orientation, sexual politics, and more; and courses which deal with the impact of gender within individual disciplines including Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Urban Studies History, English, Spanish, Japanese, Philosophy, Asian Studies, African World Studies, Latin and Latin American Studies, Art, and Public Health. The Women's and Gender Studies Department participates in the Honors Program and the Liberal Studies Program, offering a Women's and Gender Studies Track. The department has a chapter of Triota, the Women's Studies National Honor Society. The University is a member of the National Association of Women's Studies (NWSA) and the New Jersey Women's and Gender Studies Consortium (NJWGSC).

Courses are designed to familiarize University Core Curriculum students with women's and gender studies, to offer upper-division students a chance to pursue further study through a wide variety of electives, and to give students majoring or minoring in Women's and Gender Studies a thorough grounding in the discipline and the preparation necessary to pursue careers and/or graduate work in the field. Women's and Gender Studies is committed to activism as well as academics, and students are encouraged to engage in service learning projects, internships, and to participate in other community activities. Activist projects also help students to prepare for careers in the social and health services fields, political and government work, education, library services, and many more careers. Many courses are cross-listed with other departments, and in addition to regular course offerings, special selected topics and independent studies are offered.

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