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Department of Sociology

Professors: M. Ansari, M. Baumgartner, J. DiNoia (chair), C. Flint, K. Korgen, V. Parrillo, S. Tardi, G. Wang

Associate Professors: M. Ellis (CCJ coordinator), G. Furst, C. Magarelli, K. Park, S. Ranjan, D. Yucel

Assistant Professors: W. Christensen, J. Felson (assistant chair), P. Fernandez, , L. Nuno,  G. Petrossian,                   

The sociology major is a bachelor of arts degree program. The sociology department at William Paterson University provides a rigorous program of study that integrates the unique perspectives and tools of sociology in all its courses. The department's mission is to enable its undergraduates to become effective citizens, with the ability to recognize and grapple with such issues as multiculturalism, inequality, and globalization. By integrating these key concepts with the unique social theory and methodology of the discipline in courses, students become capable of fulfilling the two core commitments of sociology: critical inquiry and civic engagement. For students interested in a more sharply focused program of studies, concentrations in social services, and sociology of work and civic engagement are available.

All sociology majors complete a total of 36 credits in the major. Whether completing the general program of sociology studies or a concentration, all students take 18-21 credits of required core courses, 15-18 other credits in specific courses as detailed below, and 0-3 credits of sociology electives, under the guidance of their academic advisor.

Honor Society in Sociology

Alpha Kappa Delta

This National Honor Society in sociology is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and an affiliate of the American Sociological Association. Alpha Kappa Delta sponsors an annual installation and awards dinner for new inductees and their families, and provides honor chords to be worn at commencement. In conjunction with the Sociology Club, it provides opportunities to attend regional and national professional meetings, and on-campus workshops on research, resume writing, and career opportunities. Membership in Alpha Kappa Delta requires that a student be matriculated as a sociology major, at least a junior, a minimum of a 3.2 GPA, and demonstrated high standards of personal behavior. For more information, please contact Professor Kathleen Korgen, Department of Sociology, at 973.720.3563 or korgenk@wpunj.edu.

Honors Track Program

The Social Sciences Honors Track is intended primarily for motivated anthropology, political science, psychology, and sociology majors, though interested students from other majors can apply. For further information on this track, read about it in the honors track section of this catalog or consult the coordinator, Professor N. Kressel.


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