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Department of History

Professors: S. Bowles, J.M. Cho (chair), T. F. Cook Jr., Y. Dai, S. Dinan, T. Finnegan, E. Gonzalez, K. O'Donnell, G. Robb, I. Tirado, K. Waldron (President)

Associate Professors: J. Ambroise, D. Koistinen, J. Livingston, G. MacLeod, S. McDonough, L. McMahon, D. Meaders, N. Zeller

Assistant Professors: J. Bone, R. Narayan

History is the foundation of liberal education.  It promotes the study of human experience in all its dimensions as it has changed and endured from the earliest agrarian societies to the post-industrial present. It aims at increasing a student's ability to critically interpret the past and to better understand the present. It applies the knowledge and methods of historical thinking to questions of causation and contingency in the sequence of events, to determine motivations, make comparisons, and draw conclusions.

The history major must take courses in United States, European, non-Western (Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern), and world history. The courses examine economic, social, intellectual, political, and diplomatic history as well as gender and diversity issues in national, regional and global contexts.  In addition, history internship courses promote community engagements.  

The study of history seeks to prepare students for careers as educators, researchers, lawyers, public servants and media and business professionals, and for their future roles as global citizens.

Honors Society

Phi Alpha Theta, the International Honors Society in History

Phi Alpha Theta is an international honors society with nearly four hundred chapters in North America. Phi Alpha Theta is composed of students and professors who have been selected on the basis of excellence in the study or writing of history. Phi Alpha Theta promotes the study of history through research, teaching, and the exchange of learning among historians, and it encourages and assists in historical research and publication by its members. Membership in Phi Alpha Theta requires that a student have completed a minimum of twelve semester history hours and have a minimum of a 3.1 average GPA in history courses and a minimum of a 3.0 overall GPA. Two faculty signatures are required, one of which must be from a faculty member of the history department. For more information, please contact Professor Jon Bone at bonej@wpunj.edu.

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