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Department of Africana World Studies

Professor: L. Mbongoni

Associate Professor: O. Traore

Instructor:  D. Wallace


The scope of Africana-World Studies program includes the continent of Africa and its Diasporas in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, with special emphasis on the African-American and African-Caribbean experience. The Africana-World Studies department seeks to integrate analyses of race, class, gender, culture, migration, immigration, economics, politics, history, the arts, literature, community, nation-building and globalization issues across the curriculum.

The Africana-World Studies major is structured around 12 credits of core courses; 15 credits chosen by the student from one track (either Humanities and the Arts or Social Sciences and Community Development); and 9 credits of electives from the second track. The core sequence outlines the scope and technical aspects of the field, with a portal, a methods course, and a capstone, while the tracks enable students to pursue study of the depth and breadth of a large, multidisciplinary body of knowledge, skills, and issues. One of the core courses, AWS 2030: Fundamentals of Africana-World Studies (3 credits), is a major prerequisite and must be taken by all majors before choosing a track.

The major may be combined with a major in education for teaching certification in elementary education (Early Childhood, Elementary, P-3, K-5). The department also provides various courses to satisfy University Core Curriculum requirements and to enrich the liberal education of all students.