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Department of Anthropology

Professors: G. Pope, T. Gundling

Associate Professors: A. Barrow, B. Natrajan, M. Villar (Chair)

Assistant Professors: J. Cunningham, M. Kromidas

Anthropology provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the human condition, across space and through time. It takes the broadest view of what it means to be human, integrating the study of biology and culture. With its global and holistic perspective, anthropology majors gain a solid liberal arts education which prepares them for a wide range of opportunities upon graduation.

A major in anthropology allows students to develop a special awareness of the bio-cultural nature and temporal depth of the human species, cultural similarities and differences, and a detailed appreciation of the continuity and change which characterizes all human societies. Students develop the skills, investigative methods and knowledge needed to address basic human concerns. In addition to preparing students for graduate studies, such training also offers a strong background for careers in education, community and non-governmental organizations, governmental and international service.  Anthropology may also serve as the required second major for teaching certification in elementary or early childhood education. Additionally, it makes an ideal minor for students in a variety of other programs who seek to gain an appreciation of cross-cultural dynamics and perspectives in a global age.

The anthropology major gives students the flexibility to tailor a curriculum which fits their individual career goals and areas of interest. The focus is on developing an understanding of our bio-cultural nature by identifying potential solutions for cultural issues in a global context.  Students are also encouraged through comprehensive, individualized advisement, to elect particular courses in other disciplines, pursue double majors, and/or join the Social Sciences Honors Track. Participation in independent research, field studies, and internships are supported and encouraged in order to provide students with opportunities to develop specialized skills in their chosen areas of anthropological interest.

The anthropology department at William Paterson University houses the Gamma of New Jersey Chapter of the Lambda Alpha, the National Honors Society in AnthropologyUndergraduates who have completed at least 12 credits in anthropology with an average grade of not less than “B” (3.0 GPA) in four anthropology courses and a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.0 are eligible for membership. For more information, please contact the Department of Anthropology, 973.720.2433.

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