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Department of Secondary & Mid School Educ

Professor: T. Fallace, D. Hill, K. Malu, D. Russell

Associate Professors: K.E. Colley(chair), A. Hylton-Lindsay,  C. Northington-Purdie

Assistant Professors: S. L. Leathers

The Department of Secondary and Middle School Education offers a teacher education program leading to eligibility for initial state certification in secondary education (subject field specializations, K-12 program). All students seeking teacher certification in any subject field specialization are required to have a dual major, one in secondary education and one in a liberal arts or science area offered by other Colleges within the University. Lists of approved majors offered by the University and the corresponding teaching certificates appear below.

In addition, the department works with the Department of Special Education and Counseling to provide secondary education majors (K-12) with the Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) endorsement on the secondary certificate (see Department of Special Education and Counseling for a description of this program). The College of Education also offers an additional Bilingual Instructional Endorsement.


General Education/University Core Curriculum

All students must complete the general education requirements as prescribed by the University and as outlined elsewhere in this catalog. Selection of specific courses should be made with an advisor. It is suggested that general education/UCC courses be completed prior to the practicum semester, which is generally the first semester of the senior year.

Liberal Arts or Science Academic Majors and Subject Field Specialization/K-12

All teacher candidates must complete a dual major: one major must be an appropriate liberal arts or science major (listed below) and one in Secondary Education. Once the dual majors are declared, teacher candidates obtain advisement from both the secondary education department and those in the other liberal arts or science degree programs in which the candidate is majoring. Candidates completing programs in physical education and music education will have only one major as the education program satisfying the requirements for secondary education are built into the professional sequence of coursework within the major.

For secondary education majors seeking K-12 certification in a specific subject field, a list of approved majors offered by the University with a list of corresponding teaching certificates offered by the state of New Jersey follows:

Liberal Arts or Science Subject Field
Majors* Certification

Art (fine arts, history, studio) Art
Biology* Science
Chemistry* Science
Chinese* World Languages
Earth Science* Science
English* (literature, writing) English
Geography* Social Studies
History* Social Studies
Japanese* World Languages
Mathematics* Mathematics
Music (instrumental, vocal, music jazz studies, performance)
Physical Education* Physical Education
Physical Education Health and Physical and Health Education
Political Science* Social Studies
Spanish* World Languages

*Specific requirements and course descriptions for each major can be found in this catalog under the appropriate department.

Transfer Students

It is assumed that those who enter William Paterson with an AA or AS degree earned since 2005 from a New Jersey community college will have met the general education requirements of the University. However, each education major has directed electives that are required. It is expected that all courses and field experiences in the professional preparation program will be completed at the University. Transfer credits in education are generally not accepted for courses taken toward an associate's degree, unless a specific articulation agreement has been reached with the two-year college. Limited transfers or substitutions of professional courses from other colleges are accepted only from NCATE-accredited institutions and must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the department chairperson for approval.


To be eligible for certification in secondary education, teacher candidates must complete a prescribed Secondary Education major. This professional preparation program is an intensive one in the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching that culminates in a full semester, senior year, teaching internship in a school system. Teacher candidates must complete their studies with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in their Education major as well as an overall GPA of at least a 3.0.

All certification candidates must take and pass the appropriate PRAXIS II exam(s) before entering the student teaching semester. Information regarding PRAXIS examinations is available from the Office of Educational Enrollment and Certification, 1600 Valley Road, room 3096. For the K-12 certificate, the appropriate content area Praxis II exam is required. Information and registration for the PRAXIS II exams are available online at www.ets.org. The test codes and required pass scores can be found at wpunj.edu/coe/departments/cert/nj_licensure_and_praxis_exam_information.dot

Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6:11-5.1, teacher candidates successfully completing one of the professional secondary program sequences as well as passing the appropriate Praxis II Examination(s) are issued a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) that permits them to seek employment in New Jersey requiring instructional certification. Subsequently, a provisional certificate is issued to a graduate who receives and accepts a documented offer of employment. The standard (permanent) certificate will later be issued to an individual who serves for one year under the provisional certificate and is recommended as "approved" by the hiring district.

Other Requirements for Secondary Education Majors

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