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Department of Professional Sales

Professor:  P. Kothandaraman

Associate Professors: W. Healy

Assistant Professor: B. Ashnai

Executives in Residence: T. Werkley

Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales

The Department of Professional Sales at the Cotsakos College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science degree (BS) in professional sales featuring a curriculum that is balanced between general education, sales, and other related business courses.

The program requires: 

  1. the completion of core courses in the area of professional sales, thus preparing students to effectively manage customer contact, and negotiate and generate revenue in a business environment that has become increasingly complex with recent advances in technology and globalization
  2. completion of related coursework that provides coverage in all areas that form the basis of fundamental business core competency
  3. completion of a well-diversified general education core, including specific courses that enhance public speaking skills, introduce behavioral sciences, increase competency in analytical and mathematical sciences, and address issues of ethics and diversity in organizations.

The graduate of the contemporary professional sales program is exposed to innovative and entrepreneurial sales concepts. This is embraced through the delivery of a curriculum that provides students with academic theory and professional practice, as well as analytical and critical reasoning skills that focus on customer needs and the dynamics of client interaction. Students also gain an appreciation of cultural differences, quality concerns, ethical issues, and explosive changes in technology as they impact on a global marketplace. Graduates are prepared to pursue a broad range of international and domestic careers, including jobs in manufacturing and trade sales, pharmaceutical sales, and financial sales, and are well qualified to make decisions concerning customer needs, providing customized solutions, and effective territory management.

The professional sales major offers students the opportunity to work with technology in the Russ Berrie Professional Sales Laboratory, where cutting-edge technology is utilized to support and enhance the development of effective communication and sales skills.

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